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        Handmade Knitwear is a small, home-based business providing warm and affordable knitted clothes with unique designs.  In producing our clothing sets (sweater, hat, mittens, and gaiters) we pride ourselves in both creative ideas  and quality.

         The company grew from Donka's regular work on knitted clothes for family and friends.  The decision to create Handmade Knitwear was additionally inspired by our love for the mountains, the beauty of the winter season in our country, and the enthusiasm of our children for skiing. 

     The nonpareil of our products earned us a place in the catalog of the French company M.I.R., president Mark Rubinochi.  The sets are listed in their catalog as numbers to .  The company specializes in finding, managing, popularizing, and distributing unique Bulgarian products, such as Bulgarian embroidery, knitwear, jewelry etc., throughout Europe.   

     A collection of our products was presented at exhibits in Brussels and  Paris, 6 - 11 October, 2000, organized by M.I.R.  


Donka Anguelova (left), now retired, had worked for 30 years as a constructor of machine elements in the Bulgarian National Army.  She is talented and innovative in any mechanical affairs and received many awards for excellence at work.  Sewing and knitting clothes for the family is her lifetime hobby.  Her experience and imagination help her create her crafts.  

Vanja Jankova has worked for a long time for "Bulgarian Embroidery" -- a firm famous throughout Europe.  The embroidery work has high requirements for precision in minute details.  Inevitably, this affected her vision after years in the firm.  Vanja needed to change her profession and hobby.  She directed her manual dexterity to artistic knitting.  


Our appeal

Bulgarian immigrants throughout the world

We all know too well the difficult period our country is going through.  Bulgarians are spread all over the world because of these difficulties.  

For everyone trying to settle in a new place, we understand the worries in sleepless nights, the hard work day after day, and the fight with unexpected challenges in unfamiliar milieu.  

 For those already settled for years, we understand the nostalgia experienced now and then, and the longing to see loved-ones and old friends.  

Any hardships can be overcome when you know better is coming soon. 

In Bulgaria, we have the same worries, hard work, and fights with daily challenges.  Unfortunately, we lack the hope to believe that our endurance and our efforts will deliver us to a better life in foreseeable future.

...so know and remember...

Whenever you choose to buy products made by Bulgarians living in Bulgaria, you not only will posses a bit reminding you of our culture and heritage, but also you will help us live through the difficult days with some dignity and self-esteem.  

If you need handmade knitwear, buy it from us!


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