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Updated: 31 March, 2018

... winter's rains and ruins are over,
And all the season of snows and sins;
The days dividing lover and lover,
The light that loses, the night that wins;
And the time remembered is grief forgotten,
And frost are slain and flowers begotten,
And in green underwood and cover
Blossom by blossom the spring begins.
Spring blossom
                                                                                                        Algernon Charles Swinburne


What is new? When was it posted? Where to find it?

New model Aran Hooded Jacket 9 November, 2014 Aran Jacket page.
New models Models from knitting magazines 6 March, 2011 Catalog page.
New product: "Starsky" cardigan in brown 20 March, 2010 Brown cardigan page.
New product: "Starsky" cardigan in gray 20 March, 2010 Gray cardigan page.
New product:  Lady's dress 30 November, 2006 Lady's dress page.
New sample: Red catsuit (scroll down) 10 May, 2006 Catsuit page
New sample: Hooded Jacket with stripes 7 April,  2006 "Stripes" page
New sample: Sweater-dress: white robe 13 November, 2005 White robe page
New sample: Aran cardigan "Nataly" 28 October, 2005 "Nataly" aran cardigan page
New sample: Icelandic sweater "Dark horses" 22 October, 2005 "Dark horses" icelandic page
New sample: Aran set  "Diamonds" 15 October, 2005 "Diamonds" aran set page
New sample: Cardigan "Northern deer" 8 October, 2005 "Northern deer" cardigan page
New product: Hooded jacket 5 October, 2005 Hooded jacket page
New picture in our gallery! 3 October, 2005 Gallery page
New picture in our gallery! June 5, 2001 Gallery page
New model: Sweater 'Penguins' 9 January, 2005 'Penguins' page
Fixed: Problems in various Order Forms.
We sorry we missed your orders!  Please, use them!
31 December, 2004 Order form page
New product: Icelandic style 2-faced sweater 30 December, 2004 Icelandic 2-faced page
New product: Aran style sweater 'Zig-Zag' 30 December, 2004 Aran sweater 'Zig-zag' page
New product: Cardigan  la Starsky (Model #7) 4 December, 2004 "Starsky & Hutch" cardigan page
Posted:  "Arm stockings" -- long-cuffed mittens 11 November, 2004 "Arm stockings" page
New sample -- Thermosuit 2  5 December, 2002 Thermosuit page
Updated materials page. 15 April, 2002 Materials page
Launched:  Collections of summer models. 14 April, 2002 Summer models page
New product:  Double-layered catsuit 13 April, 2002 Double catsuit page
New product:  Sweater dress 8 April, 2002 Sweater dress page
New balaclava style: sleeping balaclava 8 April, 2002 Sleeping balaclava page
New model -- Hooded sweater. 25 March, 2002 Hooded sweater page
Launched:  a new section for full-body garments. 18 March, 2002 Catalog page
New product:  Thermosuit 11 March, 2002 Thermosuit page
New model -- Hunter's set (Model #6). 3 March, 2002 Hunter's set page
New sample in our Balaclava collection: light blue set of balaclava and mittens. 18 January, 2002 Balaclava page
Launched: a new page for materials and colors. 7 November, 2001 Materials page
New product:  Balaclavas set 
                           Othello and Desdemona.
27 October, 2001 Set page
New product:  Catsuit 4 October, 2001 Catsuit page
Lady's Boutique launched! 6 September, 2001 Catalog page
Kid's Corner launched! July 4, 2001 Catalog page
Updated:  all Dedicated sections. June 26, 2001 Catalog page
Fixed:  a glitch in the Order Form.
Apology for the inconvenience! 
June 24, 2001 Order Form
Updated:  more balaclava styles. June 22, 2001 Balaclava page
New picture in our gallery May 29, 2001 Gallery page
Launched: Gallery of our clients! April 15, 2001 Home page
New option for your convenience  April 14, 2001 Models page

A small waterproof pocket on your sweater for your mobile telephone.

Launched: new sections  hats, mittens, and gaiters. April 14, 2001 Catalog page
Launched: Guest book. Sign or view it! March 29, 2001 Home page

 We need your comments about our products and the site.

Launched: new Balaclava section. March 18, 2001 Balaclava page
Updated:  Catalog page to separate hats, balaclavas, mittens, and gaiters.  March 18, 2001 Catalog page

Another constructive suggestion from our client.  Thank you! 

A new option for balaclava included.   March 17, 2001 Models page / Home page 

This new option is a consequence of client's suggestion.  Thank you! 

Launched: 'In stock' pop-up window for products available for immediate shipping. March 17, 2001 Home page
Updated:  Catalog page for faster loading. February 23, 2001 Catalog page
This site! November 2, 2000 Home page

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