Materials and Colors


Materials and colors
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     Basic material
Our basic material is Natural 100% wool.  It is high quality warm, thick, and dense wool, similar but not identical to lopi.  It is homemade hand-spun Bulgarian yarn, not processed with any chemicals.  It is ideal for sweaters, gaiters, and mittensWe recommend Natural 100% wool to be your choice when ordering any of these garments.

        Because it is a Bulgarian product, the Natural wool has the lowest price. The price of Natural wool  is the basis forming the low, affordable prices of our  products. 

        The Natural wool  is a bit itchy.  Some people like exactly this quality, but for others that could be annoyance.  Thus, we offer you a choice for softness: either silk lining or softer yarn.


       For those who love soft garments, we offer two possibilities: 

  • silk lining added to products made of rawer and itchy materials or 
  • softer yarn.

       The lining is of viscose silk, and does not change the prices of the clothes.  It can be attached permanently or can be removable.  Just let us know your preference when requesting lining.  

       The softer yarns we offer include wool/acrylic mix, merino, and mohair in variety of contents.  These materials are usually machine-spun and chemically processed for softness.  

       All softer yarns, being imported, are more expensive; hence, the prices of the knitted clothes increase.  

       The softer materials are ideal  for ski masks covering the face.  And they all look more hairy and bulky than the Natural wool.  


         With the exception of Mélange, all our materials meet the accepted world standard for high quality, i.e., a mix of 70% pure wool with 30% acrylic.   

        For those reserved toward acrylic content, we list several advantages.  A woolen material containing acrylic is:

   Stronger and more sturdy than the pure counterpart;
   With more lasting and durable colors;
   Washable without the risk of shrinking.

       Material choice and colors

         You can choose from the materials listed in this table.  Available colors are also given.  Please, enlarge the images, choose a color, and tell us its number.  

# Material Content Description Colors available
1 Natural
100 % wool See the description above.
80 % wool Processed, soft yarn colors
3 Mélange
50% wool
50% acrylic
Soft; invokes the lowest changes in the prices of our  products. colors
4 Merino 100 % 

The softest material we have.

5 Merino 50
50% Thick thread (2.5 - 3 mm), slightly twisted.  Imported from Turkey. colors
6 Mohair Short
60% mohair
40% acrylic
Soft, short-haired, imported colors
7 Mohair Long

70% mohair
30% acrylic

Soft, long- haired, imported    colors
8 Cotton 100 % Imported from Hungary. colors

Refer to our pricelist to see changes in the prices depending on the material.  

      We do not offer lopi (from Icelandic sheep), alpaca (from Peru llama-like animal), and cashmere (from Cashemere goat), because these materials are from specific regions.  If you insist on combining any of these yarns with our craftsmanship, you can provide your own wool, and we will be happy to knit the product you need.   


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