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Name: T. H.
From: PA, USA
Comments: I received the creation yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled with the beautiful workmanship and creative problem solving (how to place the flaps etc). My wife is equally impressed with Donka's fabulous work. It was well worth the wait. The fit is perfect, materials beautiful, wonderful job. Thanks to all!
My very best regards,
1 November, 2014

After a hiatus in the online entries (to avoid spam and unwanted solicitations), we continue our Guest book with entries from our clients' e-mails. Testimonials are posted with our clients' agreement and after they have reviewed the entry. Donka and Handmade Knitwear Team

Name: P
Where are
you from:
Comments: Having just received an open faced balaclava - I just have to write - because it's truly a hat to write home about! This has to be the most superbly knitted woollen balaclava I have ever worn - and this is in genuine comparison with my previous ones - knitted by other people - hats that have been very well made too. The quality and shaping of the balaclava is just sheer perfection. It is an ideal hat to wear when riding your bicycle on a cold Winter's day, or on a Ski slope when the snow is blizzarding down - it's very warm and looks great. You must get one - it really is the only way to truly appreciate the sheer talent that goes into this knitwear. Pictures only go so far - seeing & wearing is believing ... P.

January 8, 2005 15:55:43 (GMT Time)

Name: P
Where are
you from:
Comments: As a customer for a few years now, this is just to confirm that Donka and the Team are among the greatest Knitters in the World and their knitted woollen clothing is very accurately and perfectly made. You will be very pleased with whatever garment you order. If you like knitted woollen clothing then this is the best site on the Interknit! P.

January 4, 2005 00:23:23 (GMT Time)

Name: Paul Stanley
Country: Australia
Comments: Absolutley Wonderful Gear.Hope To Be A buyer soon.

Febuary 7, 2003 22:48:07 (GMT Time)

Name: Ian Lamb
Country: London
Comments: Your sleep mask was received in good time for Christmas. The quality was excellent ,thank you . I shall order more in 2003 and recommend you to my friends.

January 26, 2003 11:12:59 (GMT Time)

Name: Woolman
Country: USA
Comments: I just received the Hunter set, Sleeping Balaclava, and Double Ski Mask with closed face. They are wonderfully made and very sexy! At the price offered, they are great values for quality handmade knitware. There was a small error in the order that Magdalena and Donka generously and quickly solved. Their service was right on time and they are very efficient and attentive with our communication. I am ordering more items and will recommend Magdalena and Donka to all lovers of wool. Woolman, July 8, 2002

July 8, 2002 04:39:10 (GMT Time)

Name: P
Country: UK
Comments: If, like me, you really like knitted woollen clothing, both to wear, and to see being worn on the woman that you love, then this site is a dream come true. For the creation of thick warm chunky knitted woollen clothing perhaps no one else on our planet is as kind, patient, accomodating and productive as Donka - who to any connoisseur of wool has to be canonised as the patron saint of knitwear. Donka turns into reality the seriously woolly knitwear of your innermost dreams. Don't you just hate global warming ... I want a new ice age so that I can order a wonderful thermal knitted suit. That probably won't happen, but in the meantime it's still quite cold in the UK in winter, so Donka is knitting for me a zip-up cardigan jacket in dark grey 100% soft wool with two pockets and an attached drawstring hood. Donka turns dreams to reality through her superb talent, and epitomises the power of the internet in linking producers to customers. Paul

April 12, 2002 00:48:14 (GMT Time)

Name: David
Country: USA - Pennsylvania
Comments: Really neat sweater sets. Have you ever made Aran style set? The cat suit is the coolest! An Aran one would be outstanding. Wonder if the #3 set, Lilac would be ok for a guy? Really nice.

December 28, 2001 20:01:05 (GMT Time)

Name: Andy
Country: Norway
Comments: Very good service. Excellent products. If you ever want to buy top handmade knitwear, this is the place to shop.

August 31, 2001 12:03:51 (GMT Time)

Name: Jean Michel
Country: France
Comments: ooops typed too fast! Donka has been left freedom to design her own patterns, they make wonderful hoods and mittens ! Hoping the items will be diplayed soon in the "dedicated" section for your pleasure.

May 31, 2001 06:16:45 (GMT Time)

Name: Jean Michel
Country: France
Comments: Just received two balaclava+mitts

May 31, 2001 06:14:34 (GMT Time)

Name: Jean Michel
Country: France
Comments: First and HAPPY customer. I consider ordering much more for gifts and for myself. Incredible quality and really affordable... Please tell your friends the Good News.

March 30, 2001 19:04:46 (GMT Time)



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